My family was blessed to have the assistance of Natalie for the first two months after delivery. Although not a lactation consultant, she had helpful insights and tips on breastfeeding. She also talked me through various concerns ranging from baby acne, sleep deprivation and being comfortable in my postpartum body. It was also a relief that she could look after our son for a few hours while I caught up on some sleep. She is simply amazing!
Adebola, from Hamilton

Our struggles before working with Natalie were the fact that we had a 3-year old too and he needed a lot of attention. My husband was working. I was still healing and not feeling right. We needed a better balance, plus more sleep. Natalie gave us the much needed sleep we needed, plus we had a better balance in our lives. It was good for everyone! Working with a doula helped us tremendously; more than we ever imagined. It created less chaos and stress in our home life and marriage. Plus my son loved Natalie so that was comforting when she had him for the night. Money well spent!
Nicole, from Guelph

We had twin boys and before working with Natalie, both my husband and I would each be up several times a night with them, leading to little sleep. Natalie was fantastic to work with! She was knowledgeable about everything from breastfeeding to pumping to infant sleep and other baby related topics. She was always on time, arriving with a smile on her face. We felt very comfortable with her in our house taking care of the boys and trusted her. She was easy to work with, flexible and accommodating. On the nights that Natalie came, my husband got a full night’s sleep and I was able to only get up once or twice a night to breastfeed, sleeping much more soundly in between those times. We were always better rested and happier!
Mandi, from Hamilton

I didn’t really have any struggles working with a doula because as a first time mom I didn’t know what I was doing so all the help from you was amazing! Having you through the night was the best experience and gift.
Sarah, from Guelph

Natalie has shown immense promise and confidence in her abilities to passionately support clients in her community. She is a member in good standing and her gentle confidence and nurturing spirit are a tremendous addition to our Canadian postpartum support community.
Shaunacy, from Doula Canada