COVID Update

Find out the latest information regarding our doula support. As of October 2020, the biggest change to our services is hospital births.

  • Our doulas can provide in-person support for your home birth. See below on how we keep you safe.
  • St Joe’s is the only hospital in our area that is allowing a doula + another support person in your birth room.
  • We are back in your homes to provide you with night, daytime and infant feeding support!
  • Our virtual services are always an option as well, especially if someone in your household is high risk! These services have a strong emphasis on educating parents on their birthing options, non-medical pain relief, what to expect during each stage of labour/birth, pain relief options at the hospital, etc. We can add more prenatal meetings than we would have in person. Prenatal and postpartum visits are done through Zoom. Labour and birth support may be done through text, phone or video calls.

Keeping You Safe

Our doulas have received Infection Control training and follow these safety measures while in your home:

  • Wearing a face mask
  • Washing hands immediately upon arrival
  • Wearing medical gloves when needed
  • Maintaining social distancing when possible
  • Working with only 1 family at a time
  • Cleaning and sanitizing frequently used items such as our doula bags and instruction tools

For the most updated information on COVID-19, please visit the Government of Ontario’s website.